Friday, 31 July 2015

Back on the Breakwater! Friday 31st July

Today we were back watching the bottlenose on the Northern Breakwater in Fishguard Bay where a mother and calf were seen swimming around the area. General behaviour included a few tail flukes, indicating sightly deeper dives, and the calf following the mother’s movements but were mostly seen just moving slowly around that area. They moved towards the mouth of the bay at 13:00 (GMT) but returned not long after as low tide was approaching. Around this time the wind speed increased and sea state picked up very quickly, but with the sun shining and dolphins swimming in front of us, you couldn’t have asked for a better lunch break!
Interestingly the mothers dorsal fin had a pale leading edge on he right side but was completelydark on the left side, (see above).
... Had  another look about 5 pm saw same animals off Pen Anglas.