Friday, 31 July 2015

Thursday 30th July

Another day and another set of weather conditions saw a very dull and windy start to a day watching the Bottlenose off the Northern breakwater. We settled in a sheltered position and waited. It wasn't long before a mother and calf showed up and were just slowly moving around the general area. The calf was at times quite active and did do a few leaps and quick dashes around simulating a hunt.

They moved off to sea several times throughout the day and at one time another adult joined them and led them out toward Penanglas. We thought that would be it but they did return about 45 minutes later minus the other adult. The sun did eventually come out just as Cliff and Jack joined us. Mabe it's the "Cliff effect"  and we all enjoyed the thrill of watching on a now glorious afternoon. At around 15.45 they move off again toward Penanglas and as we had to leave soon anyway we decided to call it a day. Also spotted were Common Sandpiper, Medditerranean Gull, Black guillimot, Skua, Fular and an old Heron on the breakwater.