Friday, 28 August 2015

A week in the life of Strumble... Porpoises, Common Dolphins and Risso's.

The Common Dolphin Sightings tie in with the ones seen around Fishguard Bay the past few days! It has been a feature in recent years during the warmer months!  

Tuesday 25th from Steve Berry, Simon Murray and Chris Grayell...

Common Dolphin - 5

Sunday 23rd August from Rich Stonier...

Common Porpoise - showing off and on.
Common Dolphin - small pod of about 5 animals
Sunfish - 1

Saturday 23rd August from Rich Stonier...

Porpoise - showing exceptionally well all day - lots of animals
Common Dolphin - showing well from mid morning until 1800.  Over 55 animals in 3+ pods.
Risso's Dolphin - 5 animals including 3 almost white probable males.