Friday, 7 August 2015

Bottles still in Fishguard Bay.

This morning we went out for our first trip on our new 2.8 m inflatable ("The Porp") with Ken Barnett there to show us the ropes. As we approached the harbour mouth we saw bottles, at least four of them. Not wanting to spook them we came to a halt and then drifted. Two mother and calf pairs were happily feeding so we gently wandered off and left them to it!

Oops! not a dolphin  My,old dog Zorro!

Jack the Walrus and Ken!

Ian Hotchin also saw at least four bottles in the bay yesterday , whilst Dai Powell clocked three pods out in the bay today after we came in with a  minimum of a couple of Bottles in each pod. Long may they hang about but people really need to take care to give them space and not chase them!