Saturday, 8 August 2015

More from Dai.

Dai Powell also got some excellent shots of the dolphins from his boat. I should point out that although the dolphins did approach him he was stationary when he took these photo's with a very powerful zoom lens while they were feeding in the harbour mouth. If you are going out in your boat in Fishguard Bay today please take care not to chase or harass the dolphins. If you are lucky they will come to you. The best thing is to continue on your course they may follow you or bow-ride for a little while  otherwise  just stop. and you may get some good views.

If they are not happy they will disappear so there is nothing to be gained by following them. We will be on the outer breakwater trying to get more shots to try and identify them and of course if we see any harassment we will record and report it. It is in everyone's interest that these marvelous animals stay in the area so please do take care and give them plenty of space! If you want to watch them from the shore the best places (with binoculars ) are the Beacon Car Park , Harbour Village, Goodwick or The Old Fort  just along the path from the car park on the hill just above Lower Town Harbour.