Monday, 24 August 2015

Alys's report: Porpoises off the Breakwater.

Stevo and Alys

Stevo, Cliff and  me (Alys) had a look off the outer breakwater in Goodwick. It was calm and quiet, we saw a few wavelets right in front of us and then all of a sudden a porpoise popped up, and another one, and another one. We managed to identify 3 individuals, 2 of which were a mother and calf. They were completely oblivious to us observing them and carried on gliding through the water and playing in among the buoys.One of them had a nick in its fin!

The mother had quite a small calf with it, staying close and shadowing mum! The breakwater has really been producing the the goods recently with at least six Bottlenose dolphins around the harbour entrance  last evening and also a porpoise and calf off Crincoed Point