Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Another Sea Trust Stena Ferry Survey

Another Sea Trust Stena Ferry Survey started with Steve Rosser, Barbara Davies, Ed Stubbings and the Walrus boarding the Stena Europe. A gentle northerly breeze with overcast sky gave perfect viewing conditions and immediately plenty of porpoises as we made our way past Strumble. A pod of Common Dolphins an hour out and then more as the coast of Ireland began to emerge on the horizon. Almost guaranteed, Risso's Dolphins showed up in the "Risso's Triangle" with a couple more Porpoises among masses of Sea Birds as we passed Tusker Rock and completed the outer leg. 

Day two started in the Truckers Lounge with a great breakfast to set us up. As we left our berth Steve spotted a single Bottlenose Dolphin outside the harbour, presumably the same individual we spotted last month!

 Unfortunately a strong SE breeze and bright sunshine made viewing conditions terrible the glare bouncing of the chop almost blinding us. We went off effort as the conditions were so unfavourable but Steve who was still working hard saw some huge splashes, with a Risso's breaching several times.We don't call it the Risso's Triangle for nothing even turning up the goods in poor conditions, 

Once we got into the shelter of the Strumble peninsular normal porpoise service was resumed clocking several more as we passed over Strumble Bank

. Barbara finished the cetacean fest spotting a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins under the cliffs as we made the inward approach to Fishguard Harbour, Incredibly and for the first time ever, a survey leg started and finished with Bottles!

Thanks to Captain Colm Clare and all his crew,as well as the shore-side staff of Stena in Fishguard and Rosslare that look after us so well and make it all possible!