Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Latest last minute ever Stena Ferry survey.

I was at Strumble early yesterday morning hoping to get another look at the Risso's or some porpoise pic's. I had a few porpoises but they were too elusive to get any decent  shots.
As I made my way back to the Ocean Lab I began to muse on how long this amaising weather would hold, and the possibility of a ferry survey, getting a weather window in the winter can be tricky
By now it was gone ten a clock, I had a look at XC weather and it looked like it was now or possibly never and the ferry sails at two thirty so it was cutting things really close. Still nothing ventured nothing gained!

I gave Hannah a bell and she said she would check out a couple of things and then get back to me . I then rang Nick who said the same. Both rang back within twenty minutes saying they were up for it. by now it was twelve but I had a team! A quick bell to Carl at Stena and he OK'd it and by two o clock we were boarding the Stena Europe!
I know its a bit of a preamble but it just goes to show how we can react quickly to favourable conditions and get out there thanks to our relationship with Stena and their amaising flexibility.

And it was well worth it! As we headed out of the Harbour Nick Spotted two Risso's which got us of to a phenomenal start! A few minutes later he added a pod of five Common Dolphins. Hannah added a couple of porpoises and than about half way out we had another group of Commons which gave cracking views as they came on into the bow.

Not long after the light began to fade into a rather lovely sunset!

 After a splendid breakfast in the Truckers Bar, it was a murky start as I joined Captain Bob Weale on the bridge as we left Rosslaire they had both seen a solitary Bottlenose Dolphin that has taken up residence over the past couple of months. The murky conditions and  a choppy sea to start with still didn't thwart us and we clocked up a couple more porpoises Another couple of Common dolphins were added as we approached Strumble and then several more Porpoises as we past Strumble on our way into Fishguard Bay. A single porpoise spotted in the harbour as we left the bridge was another surprise bringing a remarkably successful last minute survey tio a pretty satisfactory conclusion!
Really big thanks to all at Stena on board the Stena Europe and shore side!