Saturday, 2 January 2016

Another Strumble Surprise

Well another day into the new year and the day of the postponed Porpoise watch from yesterday. As usual I got there early approx 10.40am to find Cliff already perched in his chair eyes scanning the scene. The morning passed very slowly with just a few porps showing in a casual way out in the race. The weather was a bit in and out and things really didn't bode well for the porp watch later in the day.
After lunch Cliff returned from a trip back home to fetch some props and we settled back to watch what developed. We were joined by Marged a little later and watched several porpoise up and down the tide race. People started to arrive and about twenty minutes into the watch and as if on cue a Risso passed with the ferry in the background. To everyones surprise an otter was then spotted just below us and it was a mad scramble to get closer to the cliff edge to get some shots (see below). It caused quite a stir and all of a sudden we were all buzzing with the excitement of it all. Ian and Sylvia Hotchin arrived and offered all a welcome sausage roll (thanks both).
 Word must have got out to sea because  as if on cue a Risso started breeching putting on a great show for us all. The afternoon progressed and Cliff gave a short but informative talk on the work and aims of the Sea Trust much to the delight and interest of all present. Several Rissos were spotted after that and as the light faded around 4pm we left them to it and headed home after a very worthwhile afternoon of sea watching.