Friday, 1 January 2016

New year. New day. More Rissos

Went out to Strumble before the news came over that the porp watch had been cancelled. Arrived at 09.45 to see porps quite close in and feeding well. This carried on right up untill I left at approx 15.50. Never seen them around all day like this before. Usually you see them on the tide and then they move off. Even more surprising was the Rissos activity. I myself counted 24 seperate sightings with my brother and Collin from Gloucestershire having sightings as well. The light was very poor and most of the Risso sightings were fleeting and hard to photograph. Just before leaving as I zipped up my camera bag a Rissos breeched five consecutive times just a couple of hundred yards off the lookout. The other memeorable sight was a possible pod of around five Pilot whales some three miles off with two of them breeching a number of times. Let's hope tomorrow continues like today.