Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Porpoise.. and Risso's Strumble Diary!

Brilliant Ken!  I love the leaper! its a behaviour we have termed leap-frogging but just who is doing what to whom is difficult to determine although it often seems to involve juveniles and adults. Apparently before you arrived Chris Nash and his wife Margret were there, Chris was disappointed by the lack of action but it seems Margret spotted a Risso's. Hope I am not rubbing salt in the wounds but my missus was there just before four o clock and had three Risso's "flopping about!". As for me I was busy doing other stuff without getting out. I thought the tides were too early or too late...Wrong again!!!
But really it is the Porpoises that are the stars! We are proving the "experts" wrong! The experts that say that porpoises are free-ranging  and it is difficult to identify discrete areas which could be designated as reasonably defined special areas of conservation! Experts that take a pinch of this and a pinch of that a pinch from here and a pinch from there creating computer  models with a percentage of "certainty"...without actually getting out there to see what is actually happening...
And there are plenty of us that know just what a charade the "experts" are playing to try and justify their reputations!