Friday, 22 January 2016

Strumble Diary: Make it a Harbour Porpoise SAC!

Over the past three weeks we have consistently recorded porpoises at Strumble Head Pembrokeshire, Not only have we rec orded Porpoises but also mothers with Calves and feeding groups. This is not the middle of summer, Its January, short of daylight, winter storms and driving rain but our volunteers and the Porpoises have done us proud.

Today it was mild with a strong sou-westerly adding its force to a raging spring tide several Divers were passing by and as I followed them, odd porpoises were popping up here and there but hellish hard  to get a pic. As usual it was some gulls that helped out but even then the sightings were so brief I kept missing them 

But eventually the persistence paid off and i got a fleeting shot! OK its not as good as Kens but at least its another record and more evidence that Strumble Head and its tide race totally fits the criteria set out in the EU Habitats and Species Directive and Natura 2000. 

The UK government has been threatened with fines for not conforming with this directive but for some reason JNCC seem to prefer to ignore our evidence! Well I guess its not their money!

Anita and Stijn, (students from Van Halle University in Holland)  who were working with Malcolm Barradell at Ramsey Sound also volunteered with us and were great help and company. Sadly the weather never allowed us to take them on the Stena Europe and tonight they are on another ferry bouncing across the North Sea between Hull and Rotterdam! Safe journey guys, we will all miss you, you were  both a bit special!