Thursday, 28 January 2016

Seatrust Schools Presentation

An afternoon to remember for a long time. That will be the personal memories I will take away from today. It was a pleasure to meet the other Seatrust volunteers and the chairman of the trust Mr Iolo Williams. The enthusiasm with which Cliff and Iolo carried out the presentation was clear to see and it was noticeable that it was passing over to the children present. I don't know the exact numbers that attended but the school hall holds around 600 and it was at least two thirds full. After the presentation Iolo and Cliff held a question and answer session and they could have been there till six o'clock I'm sure as so many hands were going up such was the enthusiasm. Below is a selection of images from the presentation.

                                         Head teachers introduction

                                          Iolo's warm up for Cliff.

                                         Cliff in full swing.

                                          Iolo enjoying Cliff's banter.

                                         Cliff relaxing while Iolo talks about Fin Whales.

                                         Questions and answers.

More Questions than answers
Cliff Iolo and the Head Mistress.
Informal questions afterwards.
School ushers with Cliff,  Iolo and Steve.