Sunday, 17 January 2016

Strumble Dairy: Protect our Porpoises!

This morning at Strumble: Flat calm, porpoises showing much better than yesterday! Also a nice bottling grey seal and a diver passing by! Why is Strumble not a protected area for Porpoises??? 

they are resident, breed and feed here all year round and we know and have conclusively proved it because we have been recording them for years. Totally ignored by "the powers that be" with their arrogant top down ownership of conservation!

Spent the last hour of daylight with Anita and Stijn at Strumble. More porpoise on the ebb tide and the seal joined us too! Got home and saw our porpoises on a show about buying houses. Everybody knows they are there and should be protected as per EU habitat and species directive but the powers that be ignore the evidence!