Sunday, 31 January 2016

Strumble Diary 31st January 2016 Stormy porp's

You may just be able to see a small black speck in the foaming crest of the second wave which pretty much illustrates the difficulty I had this morning in snapping our Strumble Porpoises!
There were lots out there, I estimated at least twenty but getting a shot of them in among the breakers, in fact even seeing them in the viewfinder was pretty hit and miss.
These two surfy porp dudes were only just discernible when I looked through my shots when I got back to the office. Its a great example of the plume of spray that often gives them away even when you can hardly see them.
Either way, its more proof that Strumble is a special area, an area proven to hold breeding feeding porpoises year round in higher than average numbers, which should if JNCC were up to the job, be designated as a Harbour Porpoise SAC.