Monday, 1 February 2016

Strumble Diary 01/02/16 (A Trying Day)

As I pulled up to the car park at Strumble Cliff with seat in hand was making his way back to his car after having a morning session at the lookout. A quick chat established that sightings were difficult and far out. So it was that I settled in for a couple of hours in mild but very windy conditions. Appart from the 15-20ft swells these were topped off with very loppy six foot waves at times. Sightings were hard and brief and also very hard to track in the conditions. I did see a distant Rissos but it proved impossible to track and capture. For once I had more frames in the camera without Porps than with them. A lot of shots of some lovely seas though.

I think this one illustrates the difficulties of tracking and capturing these images. An 18inch fin atop a 15ft swell and almost obscured by a loppy six foot wave. Add to that just a second and a half visibility as they come up to breath and you can see how at times it's quite a challenge.