Saturday, 27 February 2016

Annual Cetacean records from Adrian Roger and fellow Strumblers.

Strumble Head has always been the premier Sea Bird watching headland in Wales. North facing, the  big open sided shelter affords views out to sea in conditions that would be untenable elsewhere.

As such we have a cadre of extremely  experienced and well equipped observers  predominantly spotting and recording birds but also reliably recording other marine wildlife. Much of the effort is at times of strong winds  which blow seabirds close to shore during the autumn migration in conditions we would not generally expect to be productive for cetacean recording. Adrian's records are a valuable  addition to those collected by Sea Trust . 

Thanks to Adrian for collating and making these records available and all those  who have contributed to these records.   For Adrian's  full record. including bird records see:  


COMMON PORPOISE Phocoena phocoena

Recorded on 63 of the 85 watches, very rarely absent but conditions on the rougher sea days make it difficult to observe them.

COMMON DOLPHIN Delphinius delphis ( Short Beaked )

A total of 249 individuals recorded maximum count 71 on 15th September. Possibly a record year for the species at Strumble Head.

BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN Tursiops truncates

A rare species at Strumble Head, 2 on 3rd August & 2 on 5th September being the first records since 2012.

RISSO’S DOLPHIN Grampus griseus

A total of 44 animals recorded, down on the previous year. Maximum day count was 20 on 19th September.

MINKE WHALE Balaenoptera acutorostrata

A single animal seen in a flat calm sea  heading in an easterly direction at thirteen minutes past six on the evening of 23rd June.


A total of 10 animals seen between the dates of 23rd August & 22nd September, Maximum 2 on 30th August & the last date.