Thursday, 11 February 2016

Near Normal Service Resumed

After the blast that was Storm Imogen things at Strumble are slowly returning to normal. Except for some still very cloudy waters around the shore and outcrops the porps are slowly returning to their daily routines. Due to the superb visibility and excellent light several porps were observed to the west of the lighthouse but way out around a mile and a half with another group off to the right (east) of the lookout passed mackerel point and moving toward Fishguard Bay. Some of you may remember my post of thge 20th January where I captured in camera a seal with a nasty wound on it's neck due to a rope entanglement. Well, happy to say it's still alive and the wound is healing, see image below. The not so good news though is that the rope is still around it's neck. I'll try and keep an eye on it as the weeks go by.