Monday, 8 February 2016

Imogen Won

Well I think it's safe to say that Storm Imogen won today. I also think the porps had more sense than me as they were obviously sheltering whereas I ventured out to see if they were there. With swells up to thirty plus feet and winds gusting to in excess of 60Mph I was glad that the old lookout stood there for shelter. A couple of seals braved the swells but that was the only marine life on show for me today. Many birds mostly Auks passed by and the most unfortunate was a Shag which as it passed the lookout was flapping away and actually going backwards. Eventually it tired and was blown out some two hundred metres and was so battered it was ditched in the sea and as far as I could see was overcome by the huge swells. I have included a few images to show what the conditions were like (forgive me Cliff) as I think it's good to let people see the way the porps environment can be in these extreme conditions.

West side of Carreg Onnen Bay

Lone Grey Seal wondering where to go next.

40-50ft Tsunami type wave washes over the Stumble Bank.

The poor Shag mentione above.

A better moment as the sky broke over the lighthouse.

Rock outcrops some 80mtrs out exposed by the deep troughs. I've never seen this before.

30-40ft swells straight out from the lookout.