Friday, 5 February 2016

Strumble Diary storms again! porps again!

So whilst Ken goes off to the sunny south of England, I am left here in wild west Wales, trying to picture porps without either his equipment or his talent! Luckily I do have a fair share of that other essential, dogged determination!
It was a bit of a nightmare with horrible visibility, drizzle turning to rain and a whipped up sea. The tide was beginning to make and i was hoping that as it did, the porpoises would get a bit nearer and giver me a chance of a shot,
Several divers passed by before dropping onto the sea off the lighthouse I fired off shots at almost anything that moved in the hope that my reflexes would sharpen and when the porps got closer I might get something.

But after an hour of pointing and missing I  finally got something...

OK not much but something!

Of course a 30,000 tonne super ferry is not that easy to miss, so no real credit for this shot but it gives a fair idea of what conditions were like! Eventually I did get a pic  of something recognizable as a Porpoise...

I reckon given the conditions I did alright in the end! five minutes later the rain set in and bad light stopped play. Still more evidence to show why Strumble head categorically qualifies as a  stand alone Harbour Porpoise SAC by which anywhere else should be judged!