Monday, 29 February 2016

Strumble Diary 29th of February 2016.

An early start this morning to avoid the forecasted rain. I got there just before nine with the small tide making  and a relatively calm sea . I did not have to wait long with Porpoises moving east with the tide. When I say moving East, they were but  facing into the tide as thery often do when feeding.

The Gulls were not playing so nothing to guide my lens, so I had to fire off pot shots as they surfaced erratically, easier said than done!

 A group of 5-6 animals moved through together heading east surfacing frequently possibly a female being courted by males although there was no obvious interaction, The same group or perhaps others turned up here and there. but more distant. Sadly none of them had any distinguishing marks as were seen on porpoises Ken snapped previously so no way of knowing! Sadly no Ken today so these pic's are not up to his standards!

All in all quite a productive hour with a minimum estimate  of twenty+ animals As I write the wind and rain have arrived so worth the early start!