Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Strumble Diary 01/03/16

A poor start to the day saw the rain ease around 10am with hazy but bright sunshine taking it's place. I had a short session this morning and there were not many sightings. After lunch and joined by Cliff we began the session around 1:30pm and stayed until shortly before 4pm. The sightings were sporadic and fleeting so it made for a concentrated effort to capture what images I did get. One thing of note sadly was another injured porp. In the images below you can clearly see that it's lost almost 80% of it's dorsal fin. We can only speculate on the cause but this is the third damaged porp we've observed in the past ten days or so. I can't help thinking though of that triple propeller turbine that was dropped into Ramsey Sound as being a "possible" culprit. Other sightings were a few grey seals numerous strings of Scoter and several divers.

Edit: Just remembered that Cliff also had a very brief sighting of a Risso's adult and calf.