Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Strumble Diary 15/03/16

Another day,  a stiffish NE wind chilling my cheeks and the tide just on the turn. Today I perched myself on the small headland near the lighthouse in hopes of some close action as the race deflected off the island. 9am saw my first sighting, very brief  and a little distant. A few more shortly after and then it was a matter of tracking them under the gulls and gannets. Cliff arrived at the lookout to my right and shouted a greeting or it could have been "What the heck are you doing over there"?   Shortly after the lonelyness must have got to him as he scrambled over the rocks and heather to join me. We watched and spotted some more porps a few hundred yards out and sadly Cliff had to leave for the Ocean Lab. I stayed on another hour or so and left when the action died away. A worthwhile session if only for the sweet shot of a mother and calf  I got mid session.