Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Strumble Diary 16/03/16

Two entires today. See previous post.

Arrived at Strumble today on a stiffening NNE wind. Good light when not in cloud shadow allowed for good spotting conditions and good long range visibility. Sightings were quite sporadic but once again the gulls led the way. Sadly though another damaged porp. Not on the fin this time as you would expect but a deep cut into it's back just in front of the tail which was very evident when it was arched to dive. A bit of tail slapping going on as well by the same animal and I have a hunch that this is used to signal other porps this being a lower frequency sound which travels further in water and over the noise of the swell. After this behaviour it was joined by two other porps and they moved away to the East following the flood tide. I also shot a passing diver so as Cliff likes these I've included the shot here.

Full tilt with chasing gull.

Tail slap sequence.

Note the deep cut in front of the tail.