Thursday, 17 March 2016

Strumble Diary 17/3/16 Plenty of Porp's...

The old fisherman's adage that when the wind is in the east its bad for fishing does not seem to worry our porpoises and I had at least twenty spread out along the tide-race over a mile or so today.
Ken has gone back to England to  the Caviar and Champagne lifestyle as he said, "When a man tires of London he is tired of life" Enjoy the bright lights mate!
Anyhow he has left me to try and get some shots to keep the ball rolling and to be fair the porps were quite obliging in the hour I was there, lots of them showing well if a little distant!. Several were feeding together as a group with the motley crew in attendance as well as half a dozen Gannets.
Ken would have filled his boots!