Thursday, 31 March 2016

Strumble Diary 31/03/16

Sunshine and good visibility greeted us this morning and a welcome change to the cold days of late. Joined by my brother Mike we spotted two porps almost imediately as we arrived. The sightings were good outside of the cloud shadow if not a little infrequent but better than the past few days. Several porps out in the tide race kept us on our toes and as usual the sightings died away as we closed on high water. Two high points were seeing a group of presumably males escorting a female. We've noted this behaviour before and suspect it's a prelude to mating. The other was to catch a tail slapping porp in the act with his tail fluke in mid air just before the slap. All in all a good session in lovely spring sunshine and I came away smiling.

Four males escorting a female. She's ahead out of shot.

Male escorts with female fast chase.

Tail slapping porp mid slap.