Sunday, 13 March 2016

Strumble Diary, The motley crew and the porp's

I suppose when I say motley crew, you might think i was referring to our motley seal but no, although he did put in an appearance it was actually the motley crew of gulls that hang around the headland. Occasionally they come in a bit handy when it comes to showing us where the porpoises are! They seem to be of all types and ages and although they occasionally seem to get the odd fish snatched from the jaws of the porp or at least that general vicinity, the rewards hardly seem to be worth the effort!

So whilst Ken lives the life of luxury in the prosperous south of England eating caviar and sipping champagne (as is the wont of the southern English),  I was up at dawn in an effort to try and keep the diary going. And very pleasant it was as well who needs champagne and caviar when you can have a mug of tea a bacon sarnie and the freshest air imaginable. Anyhow my mission was to snap a porp and I did!...thanks to the motley crew!

Also, yesterday when The rugby match had got to half time last evening, and a load of zombies who had temporarily stolen the souls of the Welsh team were wandering around letting the English score at will instead of watching the nightmare, I went to see if there were any porp's about...

and there were ...including this mother with a small calf!