Saturday, 12 March 2016

Strumble diary: : Pesky Porp's

With a pretty extreme Rugby match this afternoon It had to be a morning session and with the top of the tide not so productive I was not expecting it to be easy keeping the run going. OK we missed one this week but on the basis tHe wind was so strong Ken could hardly get out of his car, I think we can be forgiven. Anyhow with Ken away the pressure was on!
Within a minute of arriving I had a lovelyclose  Mother and Calf in the lens and I pressed the button only to heara beep and  NO MEMORY CARD displayed on the screen....Argh!  I can see Ken shaking his head as he reads this in mouthing rhe words "Typical Cliff faffography  moment!" BUT my old mate, at least I had a spare in the car!

Obviously mum and calf had moved on .and everything went a bit quiet as the tide went slack about an hour or more after it should have but of course we were operating on Strumble time...  Slack water is when our Porp's seem to have a bit of a snooze Odd distant animals showed but in the poor overcast light I could hardly see them in the eye piece. On several occasions one would pop up in the screen I would wait for it to pop up again so I could press the button and get the pic' but no , nothing!

A couple of a seals popped up to add a bit of interest  and more random porps popped up and were missed, and then at last a gannet began circling.not too far out. Surely if there was a porp beneath it I might just get a shot! Bingo!

Job  Done!