Friday, 11 March 2016

Strumble Porpoise Diary: Some old friends at Strumble !

Not a bad day, a little overcast when I arrived, with the tide just on the ebb. the tides are a bit wayward at Strumble bouncing off several headlands and eddying back and forth pretty confusing! Even tho' I have been watching here for the past twenty years on a daily/weekly basis and  a decade or more before that on a more occasional basis, I still can't make much rhyme or reason to the fluctuations! So I arrived about an hour after the top of the tide time  but it was still rising! I saw a few random porp's but missed them all with the camera. a bit later I was joined by volunteers Stevo and Joel 

Not long after three seals swam by I was more successful with two of them and one was  a big dark male photographed  before by Ken, with a scar on its back. the other was a motley male and I missed the third but it was probably a bit of a territorial thing going on. 

We spotted and unsuccessfully tried to photograph a couple more Porpoises including one that Joel had that just laid on the surface logging for several seconds which was really frustrating and rare behaviour at Strumble!
Stevo and Joel wandered off a bit later and left me looking at what seemed to be a period of slack water with no tide running at least two hours.

It just started to ebb again in earnest when a single animal turned up in front of me in some developing eddies. Thanking whichever saint is in charge of Photography or faffography as Ken labels my poor attempts I manged to capture several shots to keep our Strumble Porpoise Diary going! 

When I got them downloaded it looks like its another animal with a mutilated fin. Not sure if it will match one of Kens from last week but it seems like it could be another old acquaintance. Either way another day added to the total this year of recorded Porpoise presence at Strumble, phew it took some getting!