Saturday, 5 March 2016

Super Strumble Part I 05/03/16

Well I've been sea watching and photographing porpoise at Strumble for about a year now and I reckon that today has to rate as one of the best Porp shooting days I've had. Not expecting too much given the strong northerly and the tidal situation I got to Strumble about 2:15 ish. Scattered cloud pools of sunlight and a biting wind. It wasn't long after that the flodd tide gathered pace and with that came the porps from the NW. They came as a group of about twelve or so and proceeded to hunt. At one stage it seemed that no matter where I pointed my lens there was a porp there. Truly exciting but at the same time a challenge too. Cliff joined me late on after they would normally have moved off but they were still there in numbers and Cliff was as excited as I was especially when we spotted three exiting the crest of a swell. Wouldn't you know that at that exact moment the cloud shadow moved over them but I still got the shot.

The first image here although not as dynamic as the rest is none the less perhaps the most important one of all. If I'm correct and at first glance looking at the notch in it's fin it would appear to be a porp we sighted a couple of weeks ago and a first if that is the case. It's important because it then proves that it's using this feeding area repeatedly. When we capture images of non identifyable porps it's a good record but this takes it up a notch (excuse the pun).