Monday, 4 April 2016

Strumble Diary 04/04/16 Part Two

Thanks to Cliff for some excellent images especially of a couple of pairs together. I have to admit that on this occasion that some of mine were not worth posting as I had forgotten to re-set my focus tracking after doing some bird shots the other day. Once realised and adjusted though normal service was resumed. Shortly after arriving I was joined by Cliff and Anna under a blue and rather warm spring sky (makes a change). It wasn't long before the first sighting came in from east of the lookout. We were delighted to see Stevo joining us for a while  and a steady stream of sightings followed with most of the action being to the north and east. We attracted the attention of a few visitors and soon there were eight of us all looking out for our little friends. The session ended just about 4pm and all agreed we'd had a well timed and productive session.