Thursday, 7 April 2016

Strumble Diary 5/6 April 16 Click counts and slack water...

Rough seas at Strumble yesterday.
Click counts on Tuesday and Wednesday gave an average of six sightings per hour (SPH) and 3 SPH.
They both took place an hour after low tide which we have found to be least  productive as most animals have retreated out of sight beyond the lighthouse with the ebbing tide. Whilst the Tuesday count was double that of Wednesdays they were both low counts in Strumble terms.

Compared to our counts a mere four miles away off the Outer Breakwater Fishguard Harbour this would be a good average.  The 50% disparity could easily be explained by the fact there were three observers on Tuesday whereas there was only one on Wednesday. Although this may have contributed to the disparity the fact that the sea was relatively calm on Tuesday and pretty rough on Wednesday was probably the main factor.

As sightings were few and sporadic, we failed to get any photo's this  was also largely due to the fact that Ken is on Granddad duties over the holidays! What is glaringly obvious is that even in poor tidal and weather conditions Strumble is a special area  for porpoises!