Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Strumble Diary 20/04/16

A beautiful morning at Strumble today with wall to wall sunshine but a cutting NE wind. As expected with the dropping tide the porps were mainly off the island. I had a few hours with them today and a feeding pattern soon emerged. They entered the flow from the NW about 4-500Mtrs from the island in groups of three or four then spread out feeding up the tide until they reached the overfalls at the East end of the island nearest the lookout. They then circled around on the seaward side of the race and repeated the run  in and the up tide feeding several times over the three hours I was there eventually tailing off about an hour and twenty before low water. A Fulmar was kind enough to do a close fly by so I caught a few shots and added it below.

"Flight of the Fulmar"  Three consecutive shots blended onto one image.