Friday, 8 April 2016

Strumble diary 8/4/16

A break away from grandad duties today so a chance to get out and see what was about. I arrived to find Cliff and Anna already well into a session and the tide in a strong ebb flow. Some of the strongest tides of the year this week so the mass of water passing was off the scale as they say. Fortunately the porps don't seem to mind and there were several out in the race. A few came closer in and one not more than twenty metres off the rocks below the lookout. A few grey seals and the odd diver also put in an appearance. As the ebb eased away so did Cliff and Anna and not long after the porps did as well.
Welcome back Ken! we missed you, the diver by the way, is  a Great Northern Diver (winter plumage) seen less often at Strumble than the Red Throated Diver of which up to ten have been overwintering in and around the headland, like I said ,welcome back! Ps. Click count averaged 4.5 SPH! although had we done it an hour later when Ken arrived,it would have been a lot more!