Saturday, 9 April 2016

Strumble diary: 9/4/16 Sunshine, snow, war-birds ... and of course porpoises

Mynedd Preseli /Preseli Mountains 

Within a couple of minutes of arriving at Strumble I manged to get this lucky shot.  The tide was moving fast and again the Porpoises were sporadic and hard to snap. I was also doing a click count so of course the best ones happened when I was counting and could not get the pic's.

Thankfully the motley crew came to my rescue pin pointing where the porp's would surface so I managed a couple of half decent shots, mission accomplished

As I climbed up towards the car the drone of engines attracted my attention and 3 RN Merlin Helicopters overflew the lighthouse heading north., presumably part of operation Griffin Strike 

On a rather less ominous note, the snow capped mountains of the Lleyn on the far side of Cardigan bay were a more serine sight.