Monday, 2 May 2016

Great Start to May 02/05/16

Well the postponed porpoise watch from yesterday lived up to expectation. I went out early to get the early contacts but it wasn't untill the Porpmeister arrived that they started to show. So it was then that with a stiff westerly wind and an increasing swell that the sightings started to increase also. It was lovely to see quite a few people attending including some new faces we'd not seen before. Welcome to you all. The porps were hunting in small groups and were really moving through the race. For me there was two notable points that being at the beginning and end of my session.
    Prior to people arriving I was able to catch a bull seal feeding on a Sea Lamprey (see images below) with him bringing it close in to the rocks to devour. It's little things like this that make Strumble so special for me. The second was the last two shots of the day. It wasn't until I got the images onto the computer that I realised I'd captured another and different damaged animal. At first I thought what I was seeing was a splash of water in front of the fin but looking at the previous image I could clearly see it was a rather nasty split in the dorsal fin.

Thanks everyone for attending and keep watching the blog for what's coming in the months ahead. I'm sure Cliff will have his input on proceedings so I'll stop typing and get the images done.