Monday, 2 May 2016

Mayday-ish Porpwatch (May 2nd)

Not often you are wrong Ken but today was/is the 2nd not the first! We called off yesterdays porp watch due to really yucky weather and it looked just as yucky this morning until about midday. That was a bit of a drag as we had been advertised in the local paper and also hammered social media saying it would take place on the 1st. After a really damp night/morning and switching the day of the porp watch I wasn't sure anyone would actually turn up. Thankfully, almost by magic by the start of the Porp-watch  the sun was shining and a few of our old mates came along to see some porpoises. And as Ken said they turned up as well.

When I say old mates one old mate brought some new young mates there s hope for the future with new recruits like these! Going back to Kens pic's I suspect that the seal eating the Sea Lamprey is probably a one off ! nice one again Ken!