Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Strumble Diary 04/05/16 AM

An early start this morning saw me at the lookout by 08:15. The tide was just starting to ebb and the wind was WSW 4-5 with broken cloud, sea locally choppy. The porps were soon arriving and were feeding vigorously out beyond the tide race. With patchy but dark cloud it was difficult to both see and follow the porps in the dark shadow cast by them resulting in lots of missed shots and where I could capture them they were moving so fast it was mostly fins and spray. Adrian came along and I also met Graham, a birder from the Bridgend area. Together we watched small groups of porps chasing through the swells for their early breakfast. A pair of Shell Duck put in an appearance and one peeled off and came past the lookout so I got a few shots of it. You can always rely on Strumble to throw a few surprises at you. As the tide flow reduced the now more restful porps came in closer and with the skies opening up a bit I managed some better shots in sunny conditions. The session came to an end at about 11:45.