Friday, 17 June 2016

Strumble Diary 17/6/16 pm.

Another challenging day for sighting porps but I'm sure by now you all know how I love a challenge. With that pesky northerly running against the flood tide the seas were choppy, confused and with some large swells running in the tide race. It took a while to get my eye in but then I spotted three porps coming in from the north and soon after a couple moving down from the NE against the flow. Several shots in the bag and it was a half hour wait before I sighted the next couple, a mother and calf with the calf staying tight to her side. There was a lot of dash and splash throughout the session which meant the typical shot captured was of just a fin or the spray as they quickly surfaced and then submerged again. I met a couple from Sussex who were porp watching also and was happy to pass a few bits of local knowledge on to make their expreience more enjoyable and I also passed on a Sea Trust card so that they may follow the blog when back home. Very nice to meet you both. As the tide run eased so the porps dropped away and I left around 5.45pm.

Mother with calf tight by her side blowing water from it's breathing hole.

A typical "dash and splash" capture. Most times you see even less than this.