Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Strumble Head Diary 15th June 2016 Porps and Fishy Bottles

Marged and Les Tres Caballeros made a trip to Strumble this morning for  scant reward this afternoon with only two or three seen...

Back at Fishguard Harbour no porps seen but the bottles were back. hopefully they will not be disturbed again by this speedboat

They had just arrived in the harbour mouth when when these guys came screaming past saw them slammed round chased after them causing them to disperse before speeding off into the blue yonder.
The Bottles moved away obviously freaked out by the experience. They retreated out of the bay before returning half an hour later noticeably cautious and surfacing less frequently than usual.

After a half hour og undisturbed feeding they became a bit more boisterous interacting with each other...

Until soon after they decided to go and waved goodbye!