Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fishguard Harbour mother and calf porpoises 10/7/16

Emma and  daughter Heather came to volunteer today after a bit of a gap whilst Emma was doing her exams. I took them onto the breakwater in the hope of seeing some Dolphins but we were unsuccessful with only a rather smart Turnstone to show for our efforts. 

 We started driving back down the breakwater and Emma suddenly let out a yell and we stopped a bit sharpish to try and see waht it was she had seen... 

Surprise surprise a small back and triangular fin popped up no more than 40 metres away and Emma shouted Porpoise! Unusually,they were so close I overlooked them and it took me a minute to get them in the camera lens,

It was then we realised there were two, a mother and calf!They made their way parallel with the Breakwater  with us following trying to get pic's

 I missed with a lot more shots than I hit with but these are not too bad and another record for our archive! I think Emma and Heather were pretty pleased!

The porpoises began to make their way back out and disappeared in the distance a lovely little encounter!