Friday, 8 July 2016

Fishguard Harbour Bottles and Strumble porpoises 8/7/16

A day of two contrasting halves, overcast with Bottlenose Dolphins in the morning at Fishguard Harbour and brighter with Porpoises at Strumble Head this afternoon
We actually had two shots at the Bottles, a short session  at about 10 - 10.30 and then another short session from 11.15-12  with Apache and Ringo looking shifty and ill at ease with another dolphin keeping its distance. Its not always clear who is who in poor light and when they are surfacing randomly and inconsistently. Luckily in the pic below it is just possible to make out Ringo's eye ring.

The afternoon brightened up and veteran Sea Trust supporter Adrian Roger suggested a Strumble session. The ebb tide was well advanced and most of the porpoises were west of the lighthouse but a couple of gannets revealed the presence of one or two porpoises feeding in a vicious tide rip coming off Mackerel Rock. They were mainly lost in the waves but i did manage a couple of shots.