Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fishguard Dolphin Diary...

Good old Kenny  well done mate! While Ken has been away from Strumble  We have been busy working on our marine life exhibition over the past couple of weeks so not much time to get out there as we would have liked,

Yesterday a quick visit to the northern breakwater produced a close view of Apache and Ringo who for no apparent reason headed off as just we arrived without giving me a chance of a shot at them. Maybe we were just too late at the end of the ebb. Today we had a similar experience and again no shot. For some reason they are acting unobtrusive. They seem to be pretty edgy showing little and infrequently.
I came back as the tide began to turn and found them hanging around  about half a mile away off Pen Coed  which is where they were heading off towards when last we saw them . It seems probable that they had hung around there for at least three hours.
There were at least three animals, two I think were Apache and Ringo and another adult with a ragged edge to the trailing edge of its dorsal but I could not get a picture...These were all I got!