Saturday, 30 July 2016

Strumble Diary 30/7/16

I can't believe it was the 5th July that I last posted anything, my how time passes by. Family duties and eight days in Wiltshire decorating my daughters house have kept me away. What better way then to unwind from that than by spending a few hours at Strumble on a glorious sunny afternoon. So it was that I arrived there about 14:15pm just as the flood tide was sarting to form the race off the island. It was a while before any porps showed up and sightings were few and far between. I stayed untill approx' 45 mins before high tide and in that time would estimate seeing around twenty animals. I was delighted to capture once again the female with the badly notched fin and her calf which is now nearly as big as her. It was a couple of months back that we last saw her and it's nice to know she and the calf are doing OK. See below, fifth image down.

Returning mother and calf.