Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Strumble Diary 02/08/2016

A dreary misty day at the start but seeming to clear as the morning progressed so I chanced a trip to Strumble. Very misty when I arrived so I decided to wait to see if things improved. After a while the mist lifted a bit so I went to the lookout in hopes of it clearing more as time went on. I did see a couple of porps close to the lighthouse but as you can see by the first two images it was still a bit too misty for meaningfull shots. The ebb tide was moving on and I knew I would be missing the best of the action at this time. I did get to take some shots of an individual moving through the race later and it's another marked animal I've not seen before and another we can keep an eye out for in future. just before the session ended a comical grey seal doing backstroke was seen below the lookout.