Sunday, 7 August 2016

Breakwater Bottles 7/8/2016

I arrived earlyish for the daily bottle fest and spent the time scanning the bay for any signs of them. A stiff wind and choppy seas limited the viewing distance though. I did see various porpoise and the four Commons also spotted by Stevo and Tony off Pen Anglas as mentioned in a previous post by Cliff. You look and look with binos and without for any signs at all. You see nothing and then what can only be described as the eeriest feeling ever comes over you as silently first one then two more fins just rise to the surface in front of you like ghostly wrecks being raised by some strange unseen force. It's something you have to experience yourself to appreciate the hair raising effect it has which then gives way to sheer excitement. Oh! How I love what I do. First it was just quiet skulking around and then all of a sudden one of them latched onto what I think is a Mullet and then all hell broke loose as they went on a breakwater long rampage chasing down fish. Just at that point Cliff arrived with a group of enthusiastic folks and from this point I'll leave the rest to Cliff and just say enjoy the images.