Sunday, 7 August 2016

Strumble Diary 7/8/2016

A dull start to the day again today but a lot more wind than yesterday. I was a bit late getting there tidal wise and the race was very turbulent, close in and very choppy. Sightings were difficult and when I did see a porp it was very hard to follow them. I did manage to get some shots though and was delighted to see two of the three I captured were returning animals with distinct features. I'm sure regular followers of the blog will remember the one with the severed top of it's fin and perhaps also the one with the deep cuts to it's back just behind the fin. If my memory serves me right I think these two were spotted together the last time I saw them so perhaps they are a pair. Who knows? Following on from this is a visit to the outer breakwater where we watched the bottlenose dolphins feeding. Come back later to see those images.