Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ferry Nice from Bob!!

Sun 7 July. Sighting report  On day trip to Rosslare on Stena Europe. Wind F7-8 W; sea/swell 4-5m. 3nm NE of Tusker about 1720 hrs whale (Minke from appearance) sighted, breaching approx 6 times inc 3 full breaches before lost to view.

Bob Willatts 

Sorry Cliff,  date 7th August (Not July) ie Sunday last.
carried away with excitement -not seen a whale in 30 years!. It was heading east (reciprocal course
to Stena Europe, and several 100 yards off) First noticed a large
splash (over and above white breaking crests) then another, before
catching sight of white underbelly as it fully breached and flipped.
Then two more and a couple of further large splashes before too far off
to make out. Last full breach came completely out (again belly up)with
huge re-entry splash. Relative to size of waves must have been at least
25 ft long. Fine 'fish' body shape so likely a Minke. Regards Bob
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