Monday, 8 August 2016

Five thirty must be.. .dolphin time!

So you have a bunch of nice expectant people who have donated £5 each depending on you to show them some dolphins at a given time and place...
Kenny has been there half an hour, hasn't seen anything and if Ken aint seen them they just aint there!
So you scan and scan and out of a clear blue sky a cloud floats over and starts to drizzle  turning the blue sea grey. 
And as your eyeballs are almost welded to the lenses of your binoculars a speck briefly appears in the chop, you are not quite sure, a gannet comes to investigate the specks show briefly again "dolphins you shout  before you realise they are so far away nobody else can see them.
So you notice a little blobby cloud just above the area the dolphins were but also notice the gannet flying away... two minutes of desperate searching go by and then half a miler closer ,still a mile away there is a couple of splashes but now you are sure and the gannet returns . 
One of our guests also gets a glimpse Y-e-e-e-e-SSS DOLPHINS!!! she screams and now everyone is completely engaged in trying to find them.
But dolphins can move fast and the next half mile is covered in record speed "Yes Yes yes ...everyone is getting on them and then they are with us tail slapping- two- three - was there four, maybe five and Kens camera is clicking away and I can hardly believe our luck..PHEW it aint easy showing wild dolphins to people!
And it just gets better here's a few pic's to whet appetites... I suspect Kens will tell the storty better then a thousand words!