Thursday, 4 August 2016

Strumble Diary 04/08/2016 2nd Byte

As it was a bright evening and the tide was right for some watching I made my way to Strumble for a second session. There were a few porps around when I arrived with the flood tide starting to move with some force. There was a German family visiting and they asked me to point out what I was photographing. (Mistake) Normally I am only too willing to pass on knowledge and carry on with my sea watching. To say they were loud would be an understatement and they insisted on standing right behind me and as the guy was hard of hearing my ears were ringing after every time he spoke. Cliff arrived and the look on his face as he settled in was priceless. They'll soon go I thought. Well I was sadly wrong as they stayed the course with the children running around the lookout as if in a fairground. Cliff was only four feet from me but at times even at that distance we couldn't hear what the other was saying. A fish supper beckoned and I left them to it. At least they'll go home happy to have seen our star attraction.